Would you like to learn How To Tap a Cell Phone?

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Cell Phone Tapping is happening all over the World

There are stories about cell phone tapping and people tapping cell phones coming in from all over the world.  There were the journalists in London that tapped the cell phones of over 3,000 high-profile people like Elle McPherson, Gwyneth Paltrow and even the Prime Minister.  There was the case in Italy where soccer players, bank presidents, businessmen, and even actors had their cell phones tapped and then information from the tapped cell phone calls were leaked to the media.

“Privacy Advocate Groups estimate that up to 3% of the cell phones in the US have some sort of spy software installed on them”

Cell Phone Tapping isn’t just for Government agencies and international spy rings anymore.   Cell phone tapping software has made it into the main stream and is now available to anyone and legal to download off the internet.

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Cell phones and smart phones these days have turned into mini computers.  They have an operating system.  You can install all types of software onto cell phone.  They even have GPS capabilities.  Cell phone spy software is loaded onto a cell phone just like any other cell phone software, similar to installing a new ring tone.

The Only Consumer option to Tap a Cell Phone is to use Cell Phone Spy Software


Mobile Spy - The Leading Cell Phone Spy Software

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Flexispy - More features than any other Spy Phone Product

Who is Tapping Cell Phones?

  • Business partners are tapping their business partners cell phones to catch them stealing from them.
  • Employers are tapping employees cell phones for a variety of reasons.
  • Parents are tapping their children’s cell phones to protect their children.
  • Why hire an expensive private investigator when you can install spy phone software and tap a cell phone in less then 10 minutes time.

How to Tap A Cell Phone?

The easiest way to tap a cell phone is to use cell phone spy software.  It is actually extremely easy these days to tap a cell phone.

  1. The first thing you need to do is determine the make and model of the phone you want to tap.  You need to determine which cell phone spy software products are compatible with the cell phone you want to tap.
  2. Decide what type of functionality you need out of your spy software product.    (Please refer to the chart on the right.)
  3. Purchase the Cell Phone Spy Software online.
  4. Install the Cell Phone Spy software on the target phone.  The installation shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes.

This whole process from start to finish takes about 30 minutes.  What are you waiting for?   Purchase your own Cell Phone Spy Software today and find out what your missing.

Choosing the Right Cell Phone Spy Software

There are 10-15 company’s trying to sell their own cell phone spy software online.   TapCellPhone.com has purchased, tested, and reviewed all of the phone spy products on the market today.  There are only 2 companies we can stand behind and say that their products are the best of the best.

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“People are using cell phone spy software to tap business partners, children, and even competitors at an alarming rate.   We see and hear about people using this type of software on a daily basis.”   New York City Private Investigator

Why did we choose to recommend Flexispy and Mobile Spy products?

  • Both Flexispy and Mobile Spy products performed 100% in our feature testing.  We tested the features that each product listed on their web sites and only these two company’s products delivered the goods.
  • Both Flexispy and Mobile Spy offer “Comprehensive” support departments that can help you answer any questions or issues you have with using your new software.
  • Both Flexispy and Mobile Spy products are completely undetectable on the target phone.  Nobody will ever know that the software is installed on the cell phone.
  • Both Flexispy and Mobile Spy offer a full money back guarantee!

* Beware of other products that use either SMS or bluetooth technology.  Products that use this technology have limited functionality and in most cases can be detected by the user of the cell phone.

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